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The Wandering Ney 2

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We are proud to present The Wandering Ney 2, the second volume of improvisations and modern works featuring the Turkish ney, an ancient Sufi instrument, played by musician and scholar, Drake Mabry.
(Here's a link to The Wandering Ney 1.)

  Extensively schooled in Istanbul in the traditional performance of the kiz ney, this American, a composer and improvisor himself, gathered together a body of work from colleagues and friends from around the world for a truly unique album of new Sufi music that is both antique and contemporary in spirit. Featured prominently in this volume are the many improvisations of The Wandering Trio. Joining Mabry are Marie-Anne Cécile Andurand playing the kalimba like an exotic harp, and Igor Korneitchouk who creates many colors from a single drum. The capabilities and idiomatic sound of the ney are further expanded through the use of extended techniques. The diversity of music is well contrasted by the other compositions, from the avante-garde of Nicolas Vérin to the pop electronica collaboration between Mabry and Yves Menut (a.k.a. Jacky Lemarteau).
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