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The Wandering Ney 1

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We are proud to present The Wandering Ney 1, the first of two CDs featuring Drake Mabry playing improvisations and modern works written for him on an ancient instrument, the Turkish ney.
(Here's a link to The Wandering Ney 2.)

  After nearly two years of personal study in Istanbul with the masters of the ney, the American Drake Mabry put out a call to his contemporaries. 13 innovative composers and musicians join here, in a presentation of wildly diverse pieces in this launch of the Sufi tradition into the 21st century. The capabilities and idiomatic sound of the ney are expanded through the use of extended techniques borrowed from experimental music and carried over to the tradition. In this album Mabry plays mostly solo pieces of contrasting styles, such as in the piece by Australian composer Stephan Lalor where he plays the instrument upside down. On occasion he is accompanied - by a Portuguese recitation in a work by Michel Lesourd, by himself on foot percussion in a work of French composer Stéphane Bonneau, and he opens the disc with an improvisation joined by two musician friends playing kalimba and drum.
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