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Channel Crossings   CD Baby DIRECTLY
pebbles, debris   No longer sells CDs or mp3 downloads   FROM US
Electric Brews (& mp3)       Old King Cole  
Sonic Habitats (& mp3)           Channel Crossings
The Virtual Performer (& mp3)   *mp3s also available on iTunes,
Spotify, Google Play and elsewhere
  pebbles, debris
(& mp3) (image)           Electric Brews
(& mp3)           Sonic Habitats
(& mp3)           The Virtual Performer
          The Wandering Ney 1
Compositions: 1995-1999 (& mp3)           The Wandering Ney 2
Interregna             Solos&Duos
Barrage             Nono, Berio
No Stone Unturned             Dedications 2
Tri-impro.cbm (& mp3)           Compositions: 1995 - 1999
Chassés-Croisés (& mp3)           Interregna
60x60 (& mp3)       Barrage
Musique des Vignes        OUT OF STOCK No Stone Unturned
Paysaginaire Concrètement             Chassés-Croisés
Orchestral Recapitulations (mp3 only)               Tri-impro.cbm
Parallels (mp3 only)               60x60
In Vino Musica (mp3 only)            OUT OF STOCK Musique des Vignes
In Vino Musica (mp3 only)            OUT OF STOCK Paysaginaire Concrètement
(image)                 (image)


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