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Will Ogdon: Compositions 1995-1999

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We are proud to present Will Ogdon's album, Compositions 1995 - 1999, an album of recent lyrical chamber and vocal music written by the veteran composer and produced by his colleague and friend János Négyesy.  
  Will Ogdon writes music which is both beautiful and assured. Following in the tradition established by pioneers like Arnold Schoenberg, Anton Webern, and Alban Berg, he uses serialist techniques, but to very different ends. Ogdon's music is both more relaxed and, perhaps, more secure. There is nothing to be proved -- just a need to be honest and true to one's character and inner values.

Trained in composition by the expatriot European Ernst Krenek and the American atonalist Roger Sessions, Ogdon synthesized a lyrical style uniquely his own.
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