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Electric Brews

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We are proud to present Igor Korneitchouk's album, Electric Brews, a compendium of music for various electronic and digital technologies of the past 20 years. The album includes music composed for early multi-tracked Moog synthesizer, samplers and sound modules, and a virtuosic performance by award-winning electric-guitarist Derek Keller.  
  Drawing from both pop culture icons and the great themes of classic literature and art, Korneitchouk's interest lies in creating a taxonomy of the fantastic through the medium of sound. Included are pieces inspired by the epic poet Homer, American abstract painter Mark Rothko, fantasist Lewis Carroll, and the imaginative grandeur of the government SETI project. Korneitchouk finds his freest musical expression in the electronic realm. Here he is able to create forms that are utterly idiomatic to the media he uses.
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