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The Virtual Performer

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We are proud to present Igor Korneitchouk's album, The Virtual Performer, an exciting set of virtuoso pieces for computer-driven piano in a variety of settings. The computer-driven piano part has been digitally recorded from performances on a beautiful Yamaha Disklavier Grand Piano.  
  Following in a long line of composers who've explored the possibilities of music written and/or performed on mechanically-driven pianos, including such luminaries as George Antheil, George Gershwin, and Conlon Nancarrow, Korneitchouk has taken the idea into the digital age. Helping him take it there are a group of performers whose taste and skill help bring the music alive. Steven Schick on marimba, Mary Barranger on piano, Ed Harkins on trumpet, James Romeo on soprano saxophone, and George Svoboda on classical guitar.
  Link to Scores and Playlist with MP3 Audio Sample and Excerpt  


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