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The Virtual Performer

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Yamaha C3 Disklavier
Traditionally, a composer writes music which is mediated through the interpretations of performing musicians. With the computer-driven piano, the performer becomes "virtual," a construct of the composer's intent reflected in a stream of bytes. At one extreme, the Disklavier can be played by a performer in the traditional way -- it is, after all, a fully functional acoustic grand piano. At the other extreme, one can construct a performance that is well beyond the capabilities of any human performer.
  The "Virtual Performer" is a symbiotic relationship between a Yamaha C3 Disklavier, a Macintosh computer, and the creative impulses of the composer. The Disklavier is an acoustic grand piano with a plug on the side that allows it to be connected to a computer. To find out more about this modern player-piano, visit Yamaha's Web Site.


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