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In Vino Musica

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We are proud to present an
Exclusively Down-Loadable Album in mp3 format of a re-release of Nicolas Vérin's In Vino Musica previously released as the last piece on the album Musique des Vignes on the Musique Paysagere Label, distributed by OKCD and available in our catalog. Order a download of Vérin's piece from that album.
  The nine movements of this 20 minute magnum opus are:

Interlude 1: machines 1
Interlude 2: bouteilles
Lenc de l'elh
Interlude 3: machines 2
Interlude 4: aquatuor
In Vino Musica was specifically composed for a wine tasting installation. Promoted by a group from Albi, France, GMEA (Groupe de Musique Electroacoustique d'Albi-Tarn), this piece was accompanied by a bottle of vintage Château Salettes 1990. Listeners can virtually drink in the heady aromas and tastes of the great wines of France in this hallucinatory music.


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