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No Resolution

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We are proud to present Tri-impro.cbm's double CD album, No Resolution, a stunning series of improvisations by an eclectic trio from France. Gleaned from three days of recording out in the farmlands of Pétignac, the 2-disc set includes whimsical titles such as "Harlem", "Sleeping Samurai" and "No Socks". This is state-of-the-art music which touches many different styles and often several at the same time. They are acknowledged in Europe as one of the few improvisation ensembles capable of spontaneously generating their musical material directly on stage. Without deciding in advance what will happen, the trio members have the confidence and artistic ability to let their music take its form from the act of playing.
    The members of this trio come from very diverse musical backgrounds and have found touchstones in different improvisational traditions within classical, gypsy, jazz and rock music to create their wide palette of musical and instrumental colors.
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