Old King Cole Productions Announces
The Release of Two New CDs by Instrumentalist Composer Drake Mabry

Drake Mabry celebrates his return from Istanbul, Turkey, with the release of two volumes of new music for the ancient Sufi instrument in The Wandering Ney!

SAN DIEGO, California -- May 20, 2020 -- Old King Cole Productions is proud to announce the release of two new CDs, The Wandering Ney, Volumes 1 & 2, of ground breaking experimental music written expressly for an ancient instrument, the Turkish Kiz ney, performed by pioneering composer and wind instrumentalist Drake Mabry. The releases are also available now as digital music on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and major venues where one can download music.

The two discs are the tangible work product of a fascinating two year journey into the mystic lore of Sufi tradition and the exotic ancient capital of Turkey, Istanbul. After years of study in that city with the masters of the ney, Drake Mabry invited 13 innovative composers to absorb the idiomatic sound and write new music for the capabilities of the instrument.


DRAKE MABRY was born in Iowa City, Iowa, in 1950, and hasn't stayed put since. He is an accomplished instrumentalist, composer, poet and artist, coming from a family of painters. He received his PhD in music composition at the University of California, San Diego. It is there that he experimented with wild hybrid instruments he constructed out of different combinations of wind instruments such as oboe (his first interment he played professionally in various orchestras) and saxophone. His latest travels have taken him across the Bosphorus to study the ancient ebru technique of painting on water and mastering the Ottoman end-blown reed flute, the Turkish Kiz ney.

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