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Logo for Old King Cole Productions Our Catalog Performer: Mary Barranger Surprise! Performer: Derek Keller Performer: George Svoboda Composer-Performer: Matthew Stewart Performer: Steven Schick Capella Gloriana Choral Directors: Virginia Sublett and Stephen Sturk Performers: Colin McAllister and Derek Keller Performer: Jim Romeo Purchase Composer: Igor Korneitchouk Composer Igor Korneitchouk at Max Neuhaus Installation Performer: Ed Harkins Purchase Composer: Igor Korneitchouk Performer: János Négyesy Composer: Will Ogdon Composer: Mark Osborn Composer-Performer: John Stevens Disklavier: Computer-Driven Piano Album: Electric Brews Album: The Virtual Performer Album: Sonic Habitats
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Old King Cole Productions is proud to offer, through an arrangement with the La Jolla Symphony, the musicans union, and the online music recording company CD Baby, a completely free recording of a premiere work by Igor Korneitchouk, Tintinnabulation. Also available now on a virtual CD is a re-release of Nicolas Vérin’s In Vino Musica.


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