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Order Now! Channel Crossings by Cappella Gloriana presents some of the finest and most demanding choral literature from the Tudor period to the present day.
Channel Crossings cover  
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pebbles, debris cover  
pebbles, debris and other poems by Jim Dening is a complete collection of 53 poems read by the British poet himself.
(Arcade Label distributed by OKCD)
Order Now! Electric Brews by Igor Korneitchouk is a compendium of music for various electronic and digital technologies of the past 20 years.
Electric Brews cover  
Order Now! Sonic Habitats cover   Sonic Habitats by Igor Korneitchouk is a relaxing ambient sound recording of wind chimes, distant flute sounds and piano strings.
Order Now! The Virtual Performer by Igor Korneitchouk is an exciting set of virtuoso pieces for computer-driven piano in a variety of settings. The Virtual Performer cover  
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McAllister & Keller Cover  
Colin McAllister and Derek Keller: Solos and Duos for Guitar is an album of the timbrally dynamic duo playing works by Steve Reich, Franco Donatoni, Tristan Murail and others.
Order Now! Négyesy & Nykter: Berio, Nono is an album of music by two master experimental composers for violin duo, played by the dynamic duo of János Négyesy & Päivikki Nykter.
(Omega Editions Label distributed by OKCD)
Duo plays Berio, Nono  
Order Now! Dedications 2 Cover   Dedications 2 is an album of experimental violin duos written for and dedicated to the intrepid duo of János Négyesy & Päivikki Nykter.
(Omega Editions Label distributed by OKCD)
Now! Will Ogdon: Compositions 1995 - 1999 is an album of lyrical chamber and vocal music recently written by the veteran composer.
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Interregna Cover  
Interregna by Mark Osborn is an album of experimental chamber music with traditional classical instruments in unusual combinations.
(Osborn Label distributed by OKCD)
Order Now! Barrage by John Stevens is an album of heavily processed solo electric guitar with soundscapes that tend toward the alien.
(Planet of Loose Change Label distributed by OKCD)
Barrage Cover  
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No Stone Unturned Cover  
No Stone Unturned by Matthew Stewart combines lush progressive rock-influenced arrangements with rich multi-part harmony vocals.
(Stoneseed Music Label distributed by OKCD)


Order Now! No Resolution by Tri-impro.cbm is a 2-disc set of improvisations recorded out in the farmlands of Pétignac by an eclectic trio from France.
No Resolution  
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Chassés-Croisés by Nicolas Vérin is an album of experimental chamber works perfomed at live concerts in France.
(Vérin Label distributed by OKCD)
Order Now! Musique des Vignes is an import from France of experimental electronic music from the studios of the Groupe de Musique Electroacoustique d'Albi-Tarn.
(Musique Paysagere Label distributed by OKCD)


Musique des Vignes  
Order Now! 60x60 (2004-2005)   60x60 (2004-2005) is a 2-disc collection with 60 one-minute pieces by 60 different composers from around the world per disc.
(Vox Novus Label distributed by OKCD)
Order Now! Paysaginaire Concrètement is a French import CD containing a great collection of psychedelic electro-acoustic pieces.
(Paysaginaire Label distributed by OKCD)


Paysaginaire Concrètement Cover  

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Orchestral Recapitulations cover  
Orchestral Recapitulations by Igor Korneitchouk is an album of re-releases of his recordings from various orchestras around the world.
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Igor Korneitchouk 's Tintinnabulation, a piece for full orchestra performed by Steven Schick and the La Jolla Symphony, is a FREE mp3 download available at CD Baby. The link on the left will take you directly to CD Baby where you can order it for $0.00! Tintinnabulation cover  
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Parallels cover  
Parallels (Meditations) by Drake Mabry is a triple-media album of music, poetry, and images. Download and listen to the music while flipping through his images and poetry in this virtual booklet.
Order Now! TWO provides the intriguing and mystical sounds of the Turkish ney, bamboo clarinet, recorder and percussion in music ranging from the 9th century to today.
TWO cover  
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In Vino Musica cover  
In Vino Musica by Nicolas Vérin is a re-release of a work specifically composed for a wine tasting installation. Try it with a glass of Syrah in hand!

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