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Paysaginaire Concrètement

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We are proud to present Paysaginaire Concrètement: Dix compositions Électroacoustiques, Vol. I, (Ten Electronic Compositions) from Paris, France. Here is a collection of works from ten different French experimental composers working in the nexus of "electro-acoustic" (electronic) genres of computer music, analog synthesis and musique concrète.

    This import features a variety of psychedelic electro-acoustic music by French composers Roland Cahen, Gilles Racot, Jacques Lejeune, Guy-Jean Maggio, François Donato, Daniel Teruggi, Nicolas Vérin, Régis Renouard-Lavière, Jean-Louis Dhermy and Yves Bertin. The aim of this music is almost to create a kind of fixed art gallery of sound, or better, a "chamber concert of concrete music," literally related to the original genre of musique concrète.


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