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Dedications 2

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We are proud to present new music for violin duo, performed by and dedicated to János Négyesy & Päivikki Nykter. Their skill, curiosity, and their deep mutual understanding have made them ideal interpreters of the new music that they have advocated so persuasively and with such commitment.  
  In the years that they have been playing together, János Négyesy & Päivikki Nykter have built a reputation for performances of uncommon musicality, warmth and insight. The excellence of this performing duo has inspired the composers to keep pace and stretch their creative imaginations to the extreme. It is in the spirit of the violin duo as high art that the pieces on this recording have been created for this distinguished duo. The music on this disk includes composers OKCD is well familiar with: the wistfully lovely atonal tonality of Will Ogdon, the evocative extended techniques of Igor Korneitchouk, and the mysteriousness of Mark Osborn's translucent introspection. It is with great gratitude that we are able to present this last disc of dedications as we mourn and celebrate the passing of János Négyesy, a great friend.


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