Old King Cole Productions Distributes Vox Novus Debut 60x60 Release

Vox Novus releases their first album of miniatures from around the world.

NEW York, New York -- August 15, 2007 -- Old King Cole Productions is pleased to announce an agreement with Vox Novus and its founder, Robert Voisey, to distribute Vox Novus's two-CD collection of 120 pieces of music by composers from around the world (60 per disc). Each piece is 60 seconds (or less) in duration and was submitted specifically to the Vox Novus 60x60 Project which has by now promoted the work of more than 600 composers.

Among the many composers represented in this first release from Vox Novus are a piece by Voisey himself, tongues, a piece by OKCD composer Igor Korneitchouk, The Kiss, and by the founder of Old King Cole Productions, Ray Cole, Sodium. The many styles and aesthetics displayed on this album represent "a slice of the contemporary scene" by composers from the United States, Europe, Asia and Africa.

Robert Voisey, who has been puttting on 60x60 concerts on campuses and in cities throughout the world since 2003 -- in New York, Bucharest, Cedar City (Utah), LA, London, St Louis, Minneapolis, Istanbul, Gavle (Sweden), Chicago, Munich, to list just a few -- suggests this CD is "created for different listening methods: The first sequentially... in a designated order. The second is on random play... And the third is to listen to each work repeatedly for an extensive period of time." The intent is to provide the broadest possible means to fully appreciate both the individual "composer's work and vision", and also the scope of today's zeitgeist.


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