Old King Cole Productions Announces The Release of a New CD of Electronic Music by Igor Korneitchouk

Igor Korneitchouk's latest CD, Electric Brews, catalogs his work in this field over the last twenty years.

SAN DIEGO, California -- August 9, 2002 -- Old King Cole Productions is proud to announce the release of a new CD by San Diego experimental composer Igor Korneitchouk. The CD Electric Brews is a compendium of music for various electronic and digital technologies of the past two decades filtered through Korneitchouk's unique sensibilities. It includes music composed for early Moog synthesizer, musique concrète, samplers, sound modules, digital signal processing, and a virtuosic performance by award-winning electric guitarist Derek Keller.

Composer Igor Korneitchouk has a fascination with taxonomy, as the music on this CD will show. Says Korneitchouk, "This is my third release on Old King Cole Productions and I am jazzed that OKCD has given me the opportunity to release some of my best works from the studio. What I find unique about this compilation is how it is both very varied and yet there seems to be several interesting stylistic threads to ponder over - it is a rare experience for an artist to be so revealed to himself."

The album was mastered at San Diego-based DHM music under the supervision of recording engineer and recording artist David Helpling. The DHM studio seamlessly brought together media from various technology, old and new, as if it were all created and recorded yesterday.


IGOR KORNEITCHOUK was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1956, of Russian and German descent. He received his Bachelor's and Master's degrees in composition from the Cleveland Institute of Music and a Ph.D. in composition from the University of California, San Diego. In 1989 he received a NEH fellowship to study Jazz at Yale University. Igor Korneitchouk is currently Professor of Music at San Diego Mesa College. Along with this Old King Cole disc, Korneitchouk's wide range of musical output is represented on several other recordings released by Old King Cole Productions, MMC, and Aucourant Recordings. American Record Guide calls his duo for prepared violins "cutting edge... handled with a good sense of dramatic timing." He is a founding member of the performance art group touch me hear, exploring the boundaries between music, art, drama, technology, performance and audience participation.

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