Old King Cole Productions Announces
The Release of a Double CD of Improvisations by the Group Tri-impro.cbm

The improvisation group Tri-impro.cbm's first CD release comes from the farmlands of central France.

PÉTIGNAC, France -- July 08, 2010 -- Old King Cole Productions is proud to announce the release of the first CD by the new and innovative group of improvising musicians, Tri-impro.cbm. Working in Angoulême, Paris and throughout France, these musicians come back to one of their favorite musical haunts, the intimate stage of Gerard Fauvin's piano and restoration business and laboratory, Domaine Musical de Pétignac, for a three day recording session of their best élan.

The group is acknowledged in Europe as one of the few improvisation ensembles capable of spontaneously generating their musical material directly on stage. Without deciding in advance what will happen, the trio members have the confidence and artistic ability to let their music take its form from the act of playing. The members of this trio come from very diverse musical backgrounds and have found touchstones in different improvisational traditions within classical, gypsy, jazz and rock music to create their wide palette of musical and instrumental colors. Tri-impro.cbm's members are pianist Catherine Schneider, bassist Benoît Richard and drummer Maxime Legrand (hence ".cbm"), with impressive musical credits of their own.

The 2-disc set includes whimsical titles such as "Harlem", "Sleeping Samurai" and "No Socks". The imported talents of engineer Jack Elliott from Pacific Beach's SeaCoast Studios gleaned over 26 hours of recorded inspiration, with producers Drake Mabry and Igor Korneitchouk at the helm.


CATHERINE SCHNEIDER often performs as a solo pianist on both sides of the Atlantic in concerts, radio and television broadcasts. She is also a published composer and is regularly invited to give piano and improvisation master-classes.

BENOÎT RICHARDS, Former gypsy guitarist, switched to the double bass as his principal instrument of musical expression. He is equally at home with jazz, classical, improvisation, gypsy and tango ensembles and tours extensively in both Europe and the Orient.

MAXIME LEGRAND has always been in great demand as a drummer and has played jazz with Michel Godard, experimental music with Joëlle Léandre, and imaginary folklore with ARFI, among other well-known musicians.

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