Old King Cole Productions Announces New CDs Imported From France

Three CD imports feature music by Nicolas Vérin and several other new electroacoustic artists in France.

BAGNOLET, France -- July 1, 2003 -- Old King Cole Productions is pleased to announce the addition of three new imports from France in its catalog. The first disc, Musique des Vignes, comprises electro-acoustic music designed for a wine-tasting installation, featuring music by Thierry Besche and Jean-Marc Padovani, Marc Pichelin, and Nicolas Vérin. (Imagine the heady aromas and tastes of the great wines of France while listening to this hallucinatory music.) The CD is produced by the studios of the Groupe de Musique Electroacoustique d'Albi-Tarn (GMEA). The second disc, produced by Paysaginaire, is a compilation of music from some of France's newest electro-acoustic artists: Roland Cahen, Gilles Racot, Jacques Lejeune, Guy-Jean Maggio, François Donato, Daniel Teruggi, Nicolas Vérin, Régis Renouard-Lavière, Jean-Louis Dhermy and Yves Bertin. A third disc containing a wide variety of small chamber works, duos, and solo instrumental pieces by Nicolas Vérin, produced by the composer, is also available.

Composer Nicolas Vérin, represented on all three discs, is a co-founder of the electronic music studio Ligys in Paris. Vérin is also a professor of composition and electro-acoustic music at the Conservatoire d'Evry and studied composition with Pierre Schaeffer and Guy Reibel at the Conservatoire de Paris, and then later with Roger Reynolds at the University of California, San Diego. He has collaborated with a number of composers including Pierre Henry, Vinko Globokar and Michaël Levinas, and with the studios of INA-GRM and IRCAM.


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