OKCD Presents:
Orchestral Recapitulations

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We are proud to present an
Exclusively Down-Loadable Album in mp3 format of re-releases of Igor Korneitchouk's orchestral music previously released on the MMC and ERM labels. Order a download of
Orchestral Recapitulations, and listen to the pieces while reading up on them.
  Viola Concerto, "Coaxing the Shadows to Move of Their Own Volition" performed by the Czech Radio Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Vladimir Valek, featuring soloist Karen Dreyfus, viola.
(Score available)

Three Haiku and a Poem performed by the Philharmonia Bulgarica, conducted by Robert Ian Winstin, featuring baritone vocalist Alexander Krunev.
(Score available)

The Disqualification of Harry Semantix As Trial Juror for East County performed by the New York Chamber Symphony, conducted by Gerard Schwarz, featuring soloist James Romeo, soprano saxophone.
(Score available)
Triptych for String Orchestra performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Gerard Schwarz.

Everything That Rises Must Converge performed by the Seattle Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Gerard Schwarz.

Symphony, "Passage" performed by the Kiev Philharmonic, conducted by Robert Ian Winstin.


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